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Pastor Yoshida Photo

Kouzou YOSHIDA (Pastor)

He was born as youngest(fourth) son at Hatogaya, Saitama in 1951.   He graduated Saitama prefecture's Urawa-Nishi high school and faculty of economy of Saitama University.   He was baptized in term of college student and stepped into Japan Bible Seminary soon after graduation. After 2 years intern period, he became Katayanagi EFC's associate pastor in 1978.  Next, he was engaged to Higashi-Ohmiya EFC's pastor in 1980.  In his works of HEFC, he was called to Sendai EFC development as domestic missionary in 1989.   Sendai EFC called him up as pastor in 1992 and his works up to now.  He wrote "The twenty-one Bible messages giving you changes" (Japanese; Word of Life Ministry Press).   He is a father of a son and 3 daughters.
Photo 1
Pastor Yoshida holding new rice
Photo 2
Pastor Yoshidas on 15th anniversary party
Photo 3
Pastor Yoshida with his wife Machiko at Ohkago Martyrs Memorial Park

Nobumoto KURIHARA (Cooperative Pastor )
He was born as the youngest son in Tochigi in 1944. His home is Japanese pickles maker. He graduated Tochigi High-School, Doshisha University. In his college days, he was bapterzied. Then he entered Japan Bible Seminary. In 1972, he became a pastor and seved at Hatogaya, Kuki and Nagareyama. During this period, he had also served three years at Batu Seminary in Indonesia. He stated minstering for Furukawa EFC in April, 2004. In April of 2012, he became Cooprative pastor of Sendai EFC. His hobbies are golf, making a smoked fish, journaling on hot springs, trecking and cultivation of vegetables.