10th of Nov., 2011 ‘Support activities at 2nd Temporary Houses of Watanoha’2011年11月10日 「仮設渡波第二団地・支援活動」

Number of visitors: 140
Volunteers: 16

This time we borrowed the meeting house of ‘2nd Temporary Houses of Watanoha(2THW)’, constructed at 2nd ground of Miyagi Prefectural Fishery High-Schoool and did a distribution and coffee corner. Four brothers of Nagoya and Naogya-Nishi Evangelical Free Church came by micro bus with so much blanket and rice. Also Mr. and Mrs. S from Minnesota joined to our work.

The 2THW has 16 jointed houses and about 160 families live there. Although it was almost noon, the leader welcomed with us and assisted our discharge from the cars. More than hundred people already made a line. Fortunately it was good weather, so we didn’t let them wait under the cold wind. Because of a little happening, we had to clear up the meeting house before planned schedule. So we were very busy, but it was good time to have bingo game outside the house under nice sunshine. Everyone enjoyed it.

By the representative’s request, we dedicated a color printer to meeting space for printing fliers or posters.  This is from Ms. Monica Blettel’s offering.  We appreciate for her and friends living in her country, Germany.

During the game, I met an old lady and heard her story. She is 91 years old, and carried on a tourist home in front of the sea before the earthquake. Tsunami was taken three family away from her. Her daughter’s husband was very responsible man and he encountered tsunami on the way to his company. His body was found fifty days after the day.  She also lost one grandson, and finally entered to this temporary house with her daughter 71 years old.

The most difficult thing is a cost to go to the hospital. There is no shared car at this temporary houses, so she has to use taxi. But it costs over 7,000 yen (about 90 dollars) for a once. She hesitates to ask other residents who have a car because they also are in difficult situation. Everyone needs some medicines in his nineties. Of course her house was gone away completely, lost her life base. What a big pain she still has to pay. How severe to live only with over seventy years old daughter. She cried quietly. I wasn’t able to do anything else rather than praying for them.

You know already 8 months past from the earthquake. But once you will face to the people, they still have unhealed pain, deep anxiety and tears. You will see the real which you will not be able to see when you think them as a whole. I realized that we have to see ‘A tree, not a forest’. I want to continue the supporting work as long as I can.


[Nobuaki Kadotani]







[門谷信愛希 記]

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